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[1] Start with Page #2 of your GCMS notes and look for the ASSESSMENTS section, this is where your application is summarized. It will look similar to this example. To understand the various stages of an application review this write-up.

[2] Also, on Page #2 as in the above example if Security is redacted (blank) and you also see s15/s16 mentioned in the top right corner of the GCMS notes then it means that information has been withheld from disclosure. Read this blog article to see What does disclosed in part and s15, s16 & s19 mean?

[3] If Security screening is in progress then all related information is redacted from the GCMS notes. To understand how Security Screening is done review this in depth article

[4] Now review the last few pages of your GCMS notes under the "Notes" section. It is here that the immigration officers observations and reasoning for decisions made are noted. These "Notes" are numbered and dated from the most recent to the oldest. Interpretation service is NOT necessary to understand GCMS notes; see why

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